New Town Manager

Town Manager

For most of us, a new year is a new beginning and that rings true for us here in the Town of Greensboro. On January 1, 2020, Wendy Dixon became the new Town Manager. She took the reigns from Jeannette DeLude who is moving to Virginia after working nearly 17 years for the residents of Greensboro.

Ms. Dixon is no stranger to our town. She left her most recent role as the Town Clerk, a position she held since 2019. As Town Clerk, Ms. Dixon managed the Town's finances.

Prior to that position, Ms. Dixon spent six years with the State of Delaware. During her time there, she served in many roles to include as a benefits and payroll specialist for the state's Fire Marshal's Office and the Human Resources Manager for the Delaware Economic Development Office. In addition to fulfilling her daily responsibilities, Ms. Dixon consistently welcomed the opportunity to take training courses on a variety of topics that enhance her extensive resume. She completed training in ethics and leadership, promoting a positive workplace, skills for effective supervisors as well as anti-discrimination and workplace harassment training.
Mayor Kevin Reichart said this about Ms. DeLude’s service to Greensboro, “We know the dedication and love that she has for our town. We are thankful for all that she has done and we will miss her.” The Town Council unanimously voted last week to promote Ms. Dixon as the new Town Manager. Mayor Reichart added, “She has a great working relationship with the employees along with the various Town boards. We are confident that she will invest the time and effort needed to learn and grow in her new role. We are excited about the perspective and ideas Ms. Dixon will bring.”

Ms. Dixon is a native of New Jersey and also served in the United States Coast Guard. She is the proud mother of two children, both of whom either attended or are currently enrolled at North Caroline High School.

"I'm so excited to continue serving the residents of this unique and dynamic Town. I hope everyone who calls Greensboro home knows I will do my very best to meet and exceed their expectations and will work to keep Greensboro on a successful path," said Wendy Dixon.

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Dixon on her new position. We all wish her well. If you'd like to reach out to Ms. Dixon, she can be reached at 410-482-6222.